Summer Festival arrives

The Music Festival just finished and we all had a blast becoming Super Stars.

Its now time to celebrate the end of summer with a Summer Festival.

Start collecting pineapples for some great prizes.

And you need to check out the new islands open to everybody.

Of course you have to check out the decorations and music.

So come and party with us for the next 2 weeks!!! 😀


Moon Festival

The Moon Festival starts on Friday the 30th and ends on July 14th. We don’t know a whole lot about this festival so it is a little mysterious. I have a funny feeling that there will be bunnies howling at the moon. Well maybe not, but you should come and check out what this festival is all about.

101 Days of Fun

Each day on mPandanda there will be a fun task to perform starting July 1st and going 101 days. Some days at around 10am or 11am Pacific Standard Time there will be giveaway prizes.

So come online and have some fun this summer!

Zing Ballyhoo visits for the first time

Zing Ballyhoo visited mPandanda for the first time today. We played games and did fashion shows and asked Zing many questions. He gave us an exclusive background and a magnifying glass to help us search for clues.

We had a lot of fun with Zing. The Moon Festival will begin on June 30th as well as 100 days of fun. I will try to get more info about these upcoming events.

Zing updates prize

Collect 10 gold tickets and redeem them with Zing at the Treehouse Lobby to get this prize.


Palm Island special quest

Urgent!!! Read this right away!!! Limited time only!!!

Today there is a special quest here in mPandanda that will get you a special key to give you access to an island called Palm Island. First go to Misty Hill.

Click on the Stranger.

Click the yellow “Q” over Stranger’s head.

Click accept and go to Pawthorne Forest.

You will see a new door on the left hand tree. Enter through the door.

It is a new island called Palm Island. Click on Stranger.

Click ok and click on Stranger again.

Click on complete.

You now have the key for Palm Island and check your closet in your backpack for a surprise item.

Get ready for…….

Ancient Game Day

Wow, the excitement is really building all over the world for the start of the summer games in London on Friday. And in Pandanda Land, the excitement is building for our special twist on Game Day this SaturdayAncient Game Day!

Let’s all wear our togas from the Summer Festival and pretend we are back in Ancient Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics. The laurel wreath is a traditional symbol of champions, so be sure to wear that, too, if you have one. And for the finishing touch you can carry the torch (or maybe one of the 4th of July sparklers!)

If you have never been to a Pandanda Game Day, you are in for an awesome time! On Saturday, every multiplayer game will award double Coins . That means every time you play Pen the Pig, Line 4, Ghosts of Misty Hill, and Bunny Chase, you will receive twice as many Pandanda Coins as you usually do. You can play those games as many times as you want because there is no limit to the number of Pandanda Coins you can win!

You will also want to keep a sharp look-out for the Moderators and me at Misty Hill and Darby Field for your chance to win Panda Gold in special games of Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill. We will host as
many games as we can, trying to give as many pandas as possible to chance to win Panda Gold. Instead of awarding 25 Gold for 1st place and 10 Gold for 2nd place like we usually do, we will award 250 Gold to 1st place and 100 Gold to 2nd place!

Saturday is going to be a spectacular day! I can’t wait!

Party on, Pandas!

Posted by Henry