Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is now happening on mPandanda

Find and collect caramel covered apples. Then click on the Scarecrow to get prizes.

Wear your best outfits and have fun with friends. 😀



Summer Festival arrives

The Music Festival just finished and we all had a blast becoming Super Stars.

Its now time to celebrate the end of summer with a Summer Festival.

Start collecting pineapples for some great prizes.

And you need to check out the new islands open to everybody.

Of course you have to check out the decorations and music.

So come and party with us for the next 2 weeks!!! 😀

UFO siting?

In a room called Abandoned Island a strange Unidentified Flying Object has appeared. I wonder where it came from and who is flying it?

Zing has another prize for pandas

Our good friend Zing has another great prize for us. Collect 10 gold tickets and go to the treehouse lobby to see this.

Zing has a new prize for us pandas

Collect 10 gold tickets and then go to the Treehouse Lobby to see Zing and trade the gold tickets for this new prize.


Zing updates prize

Collect 10 gold tickets and redeem them with Zing at the Treehouse Lobby to get this prize.


New Quest Guides page/tab

Hey Pandas!!! 😀 I am making a new Quest Guides page/tab for all who may be having trouble trying to finish their quests. Just click on the tab at the top and locate your quest name and click on it for instructions. I hope this helps pandas who are stuck and need some extra information.