Easter party on mPandanda

First I must apologize for not posting for awhile. My internet box died and I could not get online for a few weeks. There are some new things happening on mPandanda. We will be getting new quests soon and the Easter party will begin soon. So log on and check the calendar for updates.


More pages with pictures

I have added a few more pages with pictures to the blog.

  • Fishing Hole
  • Morty
  • The Orchard

School has been keeping me busy and new hopes of a new Pandanda game opening for beta soon are being reported on other blogs. At this site http://www.ipandanda.com/ We may have a second chance to enjoy Pandanda soon. I have been meeting some of my panda friends on Club Penguin and xat chats over the weekend. I hope everybody is safe and doing well. I will continue to add pages to my blog with some very happy Pandanda memories.

Thanks for stopping by to look at them.

Your pal Morty

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

The Easter Egg Hunting begins on Pandanda!

First dress up in your best Easter Egg Hunting outfit. 😉

Then start looking for eggs all over Pandanda. When you see an egg click on it to pick it up.

When your basket has some eggs go to West Market street to meet Easter Bunny.

Click on Easter Bunny to see what prizes you can trade your eggs for.

Cool prizes!!! Have fun hunting pandas 😀

Easter Egg Hunt Time

Annual Pandanda Easter Egg Hunt Starts Friday!

Hey there, Panda Pals!

Each year, spring brings warmer weather, fresh green grass, and beautiful flowers. And in Pandanda, spring also brings the Easter Bunny! Yes, that giant pink Bunny will be back in Pandandaland this Friday, hiding brightly colored eggs all over the place (except in treehouses).

Then the fun really begins! Collect as many eggs in your basket as you can, then visit E. Bunny in West Market Street to trade them for his springtime prizes! I wonder what surprises he will have for us this year? I guess we will all find out on Friday!

I’m hopping with excitement!

Posted by Henry