Rare Eggs

McWiggles in the Big Scoop Ice Cream Store gives out this quest.

Click on McWiggles.

Click on the yellow “Q” above McWiggles head.

Click accept then go to the Barn near Harvest Grove.

Walk over to the chickens and poke at the chickens with your mouse cursor and make them jump up. If you see an egg under a chicken click on it with your paw.

To find out how many eggs you have collected at any time click on the big yellow “Q” on your tool bar at the bottom of the window.

Click on that and see the quest request and your updated log.

When you have all 6 eggs do not go back to McWiggles. Instead go to West Market Street and see Jim.

If Jim has a green “Q” over his head then your quest has been fulfilled. Click on Jim.

To get your reward click complete.

Rewards start out small and get bigger as you level up. So if your numbers do not match mine it is ok.

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