Paper Modeling

Izzy in the Den at the Pawthorne Forest area gives out this quest.

Click on Izzy.

Click on the yellow “Q” over Izzy’s head.

Click accept and go to Bear Hollow.

Walk over to any paper you see on the ground and click on it.

Then go to West Market Street and walk over to any paper on the ground and click on it.

To see how many pieces of paper you have look at your quest log by clicking on the big yellow “Q” on your tool bar at the bottom of the window.

Once you have found all the paper go to East Market Street and enter into the Clothing Co. store.

Walk over to the tube of glue and click it.

Now go back to the Den and see Izzy.

If there is a green “Q” then your quest has been fulfilled. Click on Izzy.

To get your reward click on complete.

Rewards start out small and get bigger as you level up. So if your numbers do not match mine it is ok.

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