Joe’s Fish Barbecue

Joe is the owner of the Fish & Tackle store in the Fishing Hole area and gives out this quest.

2017-04-28 (19)Click on Joe.

2017-04-28 (20)

Click on the yellow “Q”.

2017-04-28 (21)

Click accept and go to Pawthorne Forest.

2017-04-28 (22)

Wait around until you see a piece of coal shimmering. Walk over to it and click on it.

2017-04-28 (23)

To find out how many coal you need or have already picked up. Look for the big yellow “Q” on your tool bar at the bottom of the window.

2017-04-28 (10)Click on it with your paw.

You can stay here and find all the coal or you can go to Misty Hill and play the Ghost catch game while waiting for coal to appear.

Once you have collected 5 coals go back to the Fishing Hole and see Joe again.

When Joe has a big green “Q” over his head then your quest has been fulfilled. Click on Joe.

Now click on complete to get your reward.

Rewards begin small and get bigger as you move up in levels. So you may not get the same numbers shown here but that’s ok.


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