Fish and Radishes Soup

Tammy in the East Market Street area gives out this quest.

Click on Tammy.

Click on the yellow “Q” over Tammy’s head.

Click accept and go to Harvest Grove.

Wait near the dirt area on the right until you see a radish plant appear. Walk over to it and click on it.

To see how many radishes you have check your quest log. Click on the big yellow “Q” on your tool bar near the bottom of the window.

After you have collected 3 radish plants go to the Fishing Hole.

Start fishing for 2 smelt fish.

Once you have 2 smelt fish go back to East Market Street and see Tammy.

If Tammy has a green “Q” above her head then you have fulfilled your quest. Click on Tammy.

To get your reward click on complete.

Rewards start small and get bigger as you level up. So if your numbers do not match mine it is ok.

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