Collecting Trash

Steve in the East Market Street area gives out this quest.

Click on Steve.

Click on the yellow “Q” above Steve’s head.

Click accept. It is a good idea to do this quest with other quests. The bottles and cans will appear in every room on mPandanda. You can have 5 quests active at the same time. To check your quest log, click on the big yellow “Q” on your tool bar at the bottom of the window.

While on other quests do not forget to pick up any bottles or cans that may appear on the ground.

When you have picked up all the bottles and cans needed for the quest go back to East Market Street and see Steve.

If there is a green “Q” above Steve’s head then your quest has been fulfilled. Click on Steve.

To get your reward click on complete.

Rewards start out small and get bigger as you level up. So if your numbers do not match mine it is ok.

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