Big Catch

Jim in the West Market Street area gives out this quest.

Click on Jim.

Click on the yellow “Q” over Jim’s head.

Click accept and go to the Coconut Beach. Walk left and right until you see a lobster. You may want to change into some swimming outfit cuz your going to get wet. Walk up to the lobster and click on it.

The lobster might try to run away just keep clicking on it until your cage shows up.

You can check how many lobsters you have by checking your quest log. Click on the big yellow “Q” on your tool bar at the bottom of the window.

Once you have trapped 3 lobsters go to the Fishing Hole.

Start fishing and catch 2 Giant Bass fish.

Now go back to West Market Street and see Jim.

If there is a green “Q” over Jim’s head then your quest has been fulfilled. Click on Jim.

To get your reward click on complete.

Rewards start out small and get bigger as you level up. So if your numbers do not match mine it is ok.

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