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mPandanda Quest Guides

Morty the betamister

On this page, you will find links to our instructions for completing all the mPandanda quests.

Our guides are well written, with lots of useful pictures. We think these are the best-written and most-helpful mPandanda guides you can find on the web.

You should always try to clear your backpack by selling fish, vegetables, fruits, cans, bottles, and mineral stones before you start each quest day. Your backpack can fill up and delay you until these extra items are sold.

To do quests you will need to purchase some tools. A fishing pole, rock hammer, and a shovel. You can purchase these items from Joe at the Fishing Hole.

At any time you want to see your quest log simply find the large yellow colored “Q” on your tool bar at the bottom of the window and click on it with your paw.

Farmer Dan at Darby Field (Bunny Field):

Bring Home the Rhubarb

Bye Bye Blackberry

Peach Cookies

Izzy in the Den:

Paper Modeling

Reading is Fun

Jim in the West Market Street area:

Big Catch

Finding a Lost Treasure

The Azurite Ring

Joe’s Bait & Tackle at the Fishing Hole:

Joe’s Fish Barbecue

Missing Fish Food Cans

Old Muddy

Something Fishy

Lisa in the Shady Glen area:

Late Fees Again

You’re Sweet

Maggie in Farmer Ned’s Barn:

Fresh Cut Grass

Where’s the Hay

McWiggles at the Big Scoop Ice Cream Store:

Fish for an Aquarium

Rare Eggs

Questy in the Treehouse Lobby area:

A Potion Mix

Steve in the East Market Street area:

Berries and Radishes

Collecting Trash

It’s Always Sunny in Pandanda

Sounds of Serenity

Tammy in the East Market Street area:

A Green Thumb

Fish and Radishes Soup

Making Compost

The Thirsty Flowers

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