Zing has a new prize for us pandas

Collect 10 gold tickets and then go to the Treehouse Lobby to see Zing and trade the gold tickets for this new prize.


Zing updates prize

Collect 10 gold tickets and redeem them with Zing at the Treehouse Lobby to get this prize.


Palm Island special quest

Urgent!!! Read this right away!!! Limited time only!!!

Today there is a special quest here in mPandanda that will get you a special key to give you access to an island called Palm Island. First go to Misty Hill.

Click on the Stranger.

Click the yellow “Q” over Stranger’s head.

Click accept and go to Pawthorne Forest.

You will see a new door on the left hand tree. Enter through the door.

It is a new island called Palm Island. Click on Stranger.

Click ok and click on Stranger again.

Click on complete.

You now have the key for Palm Island and check your closet in your backpack for a surprise item.

Zing has a new prize

Our buddy Zing has a new prize for all of us pandas. Collect 10 gold tickets and redeem them at the Treehouse Lobby.


New Quest Guides page/tab

Hey Pandas!!! ­čśÇ I am making a new Quest Guides page/tab for all who may be┬áhaving trouble trying to finish their quests. Just click on the tab at the top and locate your quest name and click on it for instructions. I hope this helps pandas who are stuck and need some extra information.

Space the Panda Frontier

Hi Everybody!!! And welcome to my site. I made a new room for mPandanda today. It is a Space Station. I did not add any furniture yet. But this is what it looks like:


Easter party on mPandanda

First I must apologize for not posting for awhile. My internet box died and I could not get online for a few weeks. There are some new things happening on mPandanda. We will be getting new quests soon and the Easter party will begin soon. So log on and check the calendar for updates.