Here are some awesome pictures of Morty wearing different outifts.

Morty the Betamiester

Halloween 10/31/2011

The Day of the Dead (Black Day) 11/1/2011

Wacky Outfit Day 11/7/2011

USA Veterans Day 11/10/2011

Autumn Color Day 11/18/2011

Christmas Day 12/25/2011

Friendship Festival 2/10/2012

Valentines Day 2/14/2012

Mardi Gras 2/20/2012

Saint Patrick’s Day 3/17/2012

Easter Day 3/29/2012

Cinco De Mayo 5/5/2012

Level 50

Morty’s 3rd Birthday 7/2/2012

Ancient Greek Day 7/27/2012

Olympics 7/30/2012

Wacky Day 8/9/2012

Halloween 10/22/2012

Last picture of Morty 10/28/2012


One Response

  1. Great pics! You had a lot of coins and nice amount of gold! You were very old too. I loved your outfits! Pandanda forever ❤ 😦

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