Level 50 Guide

Level 50 guide

When you reach level 50 you have to complete a special set of quests to get a Blue or Grey dragon.

You must go to the Treehouse lobby and talk to Questy Greybeard.

So you accept and go to Pawthorne Forest where you will find a panda on a dragon named Trixie.

Trixie (kinda cute right?) will send you on a 12 part quest.

Part 1

So you take the list of gems to Jim on West Market Street.

Part 2

So you need to find the gems in Pawthorne Forest.

Then Misty Hill.

Then to Harvest Grove.

Then to Shady Glenn.

And at last to Darby Field.

Then go back to Jim on West Market Street.

Part 3

Take the blueprint to Steve on East Market Street.

Part 4

Go to Pawthorne Forest and gather some wood.

Part 5

Take the chest back to Jim on West Market Street.

Part 6

So you take the chest full of gems to Pawthorne Forest to see Trixie again.

Part 7

Now you take the list to Joe at the Fishing Hole.

Part 8

You catch the fish at the Fishing Hole and Coconut Beach. Then go back to see Joe at the Fishing Hole.

Part 9

Take the fish to Pawthorne Forest to see Trixie.

Part 10

So you go to the Treehouse Lobby to talk to Questy Greybeard. At this point your wondering will these quests ever end? Just hang in there your almost done.

Part 11

Take the beacon staff to see Trixie one last time. Go to Pawthorne Forest.

Part 12

Now at this point you must decide which dragon you want Blue or Grey.

*It is important to note that once you choose you can not go back and change your mind.*

As far as I know this will be the last time you will ever get to see Trixie. She is not a regular on Pandanda. She only appears for the level 50 quests. So say your thanks and goodbye to her now.

Then head on over to Coconut Beach and look for an “x” in the sand.

Click your paw on the “x” to place your offerings to the dragon.

A dragon will appear. If it does not eat you then click on it.

You are now ready to have hours of fun with your new dragon.

Thanks to my friends Gobito5 and Ran Ran for helping me finish my level 50 quests.


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  1. good job morty

  2. Hey Morty, nice post,I’ll copy it and paste on my blog, ok? 🙂


  3. yes, I write there

    ”Creditos para o Pandanda Happy Times” in portuguese.

  4. Ohai Morty xD Congrats in reaching Level 50 ^^ Add my blog Lukeyman9’s Pandanda Cheats to your blogroll and I’ll add you to mine ^^


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  6. I am only a level 8 and Im still reading this xD

  7. i am level 12.well done morty

  8. cool blog dmitiry
    pop14music lol

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