Bear Hollow

Bear Hollow:

This is the place where you usually went to when you logged on. As a town square setting it was a great place to meet friends and/or hang out with them. It was also a place to wait for Moderators to come online. Also many a party started here as you will see in the following pictures.

(click on pictures to enlarge them)

Happy Snowman Day 12/20/2011

Henry comes to carol 12/25/2011

March of the Snowmen 1/20/2012

Friday the 13th 4/13/2012

Wacky Wednesday 4/18/2012

Hat Day 5/17/2012

Morty’s Birthday party 7/2/2012

The beginning of the end 10/22/2012

2009Fire & Sherman last party 10/27/2012

Last party with Henry, Sheriff, and Moderators

Henry’s last goodbye 10/27/2012

Last picture before I logged off 10/28/2012


5 Responses

  1. Great new pages! I hope you can keep Pandanda Happy Times up for a while! It sure makes me happy viewing this blog, and I am sure it makes others too!
    It’s also a great memory to Pandanda!

  2. liv y maddie

  3. liv y maddie jajajjajajaj es sos muñecos me gustan anonque no me cono sen me presento soy danna 😀

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