Fishing Hole

Fishing Hole:

The Fishing Hole was a nice place to go and relax with friends and do a little bit of fishing. A panda named Joe was owner of Joe’s Bait & Tackle shop. You could buy a fishing pole and other items from Joe. He would buy any of the fish you caught and also give out quests for you to do.

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You can buy tools and keys from Joe.

If you buy a fishing pole you can fish at the lake or at Coconut Grove. Then Joe will buy your fish.

March of the Snowmen 1/20/2012

Campfire party 1/31/2012

Hat Day 5/17/2012


5 Responses

  1. I love your blog, I love how you put the panda’s birthdays :]

    • Thanks 🙂

      Although the pandas there are from my friends list. I don’t think I could find a list with every panda around. But I have found sites that list most of the beta pandas who joined in Sept. 2008 – Oct. 2009

  2. morty your awesome:D

  3. My panda birthday is… February 7th 2011

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