FreePandanda is now open :-)

FreePandanda is a new panda land based on the old Pandanda site. You get unlimited cash to buy whatever you can find in the catalogs around the land. You can get as many pets and companions that you want also. However the games and quests don’t work yet but there is hope they will get fixed in the future. 😀



6 Responses

  1. How?But i click here,and it is say:Error!!Aaaah!!!!Oh dear why???I love freepandanda!Why it is say ,,Error,,??? Please answer!
    With love,
    Freepandanda’s fan

  2. sisisisisisisisisisiisisisisisissis

  3. que feliz estoy que genail XD

  4. pero en realidad estraño free pandanda 😀

  5. We are in 2016 and still has not appeared FreePandanda.O report to give to the game as if no curand.Eu jor that’s gonna do.

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