Minimonos closes down :-(

The virtual world of Minimonos closed down today.

The staff had a final party that was somewhat off the hook insanity.

It was virtually an X-Power bombardment to the nth degree.


Yes a little bit of insanity from all the monkeys attending. XD

Last picture

This picture was taken only 2 to 3 seconds from the server closing.


Then these 2 final goodbyes.

So long Minimonos it was a GREAT WILD ride while it lasted.


DJKazoo kidnapped? :o

Uh, oh! Something very mysterious has happened in iPandanda today. We were all expecting the great party from DJKazoo; he never turned up – but why?! Well, pandas, something (or should I say someone) has locked DJKazoo in a top secret unknown location. We still don’t know who, or what creature would do this however we have found top secret documents and the creature goes by the name of ‘Dr Boris J.P’. Perhaps the P stands for panda? We’ll have to wait and see.


Oh no poor DJKazoo 😦 I hope we can find him soon.