Pandanda Pictures

New Pages

I have added 3 new pages to my blog:

  • Bear Hollow
  • Book Nook
  • Ice Cream Parlor

Now that its been a few days after the closing I feel like the Pandanda adventures were like a wonderful dream. Since I have this blog and a ton of pictures to go through and edit I don’t feel like Pandanda is really gone yet. However when this weekend comes I am sure it will begin to hit me as heart ache of not being able to log onto Morty and run around with all you other pandas out there. I have seen some of my panda friends on different chats and most seem to be going back to Club Penguin or checking some other new virtual world games. I did get a membership for a game called Animal Jam which is run by National Geographic.

Happy Halloween!!! 😛


6 Responses

  1. Whats your usernames for CP and AJ?

  2. hey morty are you on animal jam?

  3. srsly whats your name everyones on it:D

  4. Morty you should meet me on animal jam cause eus and xcool and toot king mat rain well if u know them anyway cya soon (hopefully) 🙂

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