Rout66 Panda Day

Happy Panda Day!!!

Rout66 is a special panda friend.

He introduced me to Pandanda.

Without him there would of been no Morty.

Thanks Rout66 even tho you no longer play.


2 Responses

  1. Wow that’s amazing. I’m so glad he introduced you because you are a very special and fun friend. I’m sad Rout66 doesn’t play anymore, because I would have loved to meet him! 😦

    • In a way it dosen’t seem like 3 years ago. Rout66, Jackie Chan (another friend) and I were on a Club Penguin xat chat. Rout66 said he found 2 new games. Pandanda and Webosaurs. So I made a new panda and dinosaur named Morty. Webosaurs has kinda been failing as a game site which is sad to see. But Pandanda has really grown and with friends like you it has been very entertaining. 😀

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