Mystery Mail

Hi Panda Pals

I received an interesting letter in the mail today. There was no name or return address, and all the message said was “See you on Monday!” It was written on the back of this:

Hmmmmm. I wonder who could have sent me that letter? It’s such a mystery!
LOL, well, of course, we all know which of our Pandanda citizens that Golden Ticket belongs to – the amazing Zing Ballyhoo! Zing will be setting up his gold and blue tent in Pandanda for a short visit starting Monday, March 12th. He will scatter Golden Tickets all over Pandanda for you to collect and trade to him for his always unique prizes!

Zing’s gold top hat is one of his most unmistakable features. To help us get into the spirit for Zing’s return, let’s have a cool Hat Day this Friday! Start looking through your closet to find your favorite hat. Can’t pick just one favorite? That’s ok! Wear them all (one at a time, of course!)

Party on, Pandas!

You know what would be cool is if we could get a rug that looked like a ticket for our treehouse. 😉


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