Autumn Color Day

It was Autumn Color Day on Wednesday.

We wore orange, red, and yellow colors for the day.


Zing’s November return

Our great friend Zing Ballyhoo returns Monday 14th

Collect gold tickets and trade them with Zing at the Treehouse Lobby.

Henry visits

Henry came to party with us Pandas today. It was nice to see him again. 🙂

A lot of Pandas were online to greet him. It was hard to get in rooms cuz they would fill up fast.

But I did see him on Misty Hill and then at the barn.

Later I found him at his tree.

My friends and I had fun chasing him around and playing games.

Thanks for coming Henry! 😛


Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the USA.

That means I don’t have any school. YAY! 😛

It also means you should pay some respect to the soldiers that keep you safe. I might write a letter and send it to Afghanistan.

Henry said he would come online to Pandanda at 11am to say hi.

Click here to check for times in your area.

One More Panda Day

Happy Panda Day

More Panda Days

Happy Panda Day

Wacky Oufit Day

Don’t forget Wacky Outfit day is November 8th! 😉

See you on Pandanda!